Fitness Policies

No children under the age of 13 are allowed in the fitness area unless they are enrolled in a specific program and are with a Kroc Center fitness trainer. Children are not allowed to sit in the fitness area and wait for their parents/ guardians to complete their workout.

Youth members ages 13-15 are allowed to use cardio equipment, circuit training equipment, strength machines, and participate in Group Fitness classes only after successful completion of “Smart Start for Teens” program. Free weights, cable machines, and accessories are excluded. Youth members must register with the fitness staff.

Guests must be 16 years+ to use the free weights, the cable machines and accessory equipment.

Closed toed athletic shoes with rubber grip must be worn at all times. No open heel shoes. No flip-flops or sandals. No dress shoes, casual wear shoes, or rubber recreation shoes – such as Crocs.

Proper workout attire must be worn at all times. To maintain dress continuity, please observe the following: No denim jeans, jean shorts or street and dress pants (ornamental rivets, buttons, etc. damage equipment). No sports bras that expose the midriff; shirts required. No swimwear.

For the sanitary health and comfort of others, all patrons must use a towel on equipment and are asked to please wipe down all equipment after use with the provided sanitary supplies.

Patrons are asked to observe a 30-minute time limit for cardio equipment when others are waiting. Patrons are asked not to rest on circuit & strength equipment when others are waiting. Please do not drop dumbbells and free-weights heavily on fitness flooring and racks. Patrons using the free weights should unload all plates when finished. Observe etiquette and demonstrate courtesy, dignity, and respect to others at all times.

All drinks must be in non-breakable, spill-proof containers. No cell phone use in the fitness area, unless serving as a personal music device, and earphones must be used with all personal music devices. No personal belongings on the fitness floor. It is highly recommended to secure all belongings in a locked locker. The Kroc Center will NOT be held responsible for lost or missing items. Locks can be purchased at the Welcome Desk.

Immediately report injuries, equipment malfunctions, or damages to staff. Equipment misuse is immediate grounds for dismissal from facility. Actions interfering with staff ability to provide a safe environment will also be grounds for immediate dismissal from facility.

Outside Personal Training

Personal training at the Kroc Center of Augusta may be provided only by those individuals who are specifically employed by the Kroc for that purpose. Anyone who is not a Kroc staff personal trainer and is observed or suspected of conducting outside personal training may be approached and questioned regarding their activities.  Any of the following or related behaviors may attract such questioning:

  • Assisting a participant with technique, or any specific instruction, but not exercising with that individual during all portions of the workout.
  • Writing and/or designing a fitness or workout program for a participant.
  • Explaining and providing exercise directions to a participant or group of participants.
  • Directing exercise order or duration for a participant.
  • Meeting with the same participant on a frequent basis or multiple participants on the same day.
  • Getting and returning weights for a participant.
  • Directing a participant around the room and telling them what to exercise next.
  • Receiving payment from another individual for an exercise session.

If a Kroc staff member concludes that this policy has been violated, both the trainer and patron may be asked to leave the Kroc Center of Augusta.

The Kroc Center cannot adequately control and has no responsibility for the quality of personal training from individuals that are not employed by the Kroc. These individuals may not have adequate academic background, national certifications, or training, ability, or experience to properly train clients. The use of the Kroc for outside personal training also is in direct competition with the personal training service that the Kroc Center of Augusta offers.

Repeat violations of this policy may result in suspension or permanent loss of Kroc Center privileges.