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Our world class Aquatics Center has a 28 ft high and 190 ft long Water Slide, Leisure Pool, Kids Splash Pad, Lap Pool, Lazy River, Spa and Sun Deck! Get certified in lifeguarding, learn to swim and make a splash at The Salvation Army Kroc Center of Augusta!

Group Swim Lessons


Sat, 9:15AM – 9:45AM

Developed for children 6 months to 3 years, Hatchlings helps young children get ready to swim by emphasizing fun in the water. Parents and children participate in several guided practice sessions that help teach elementary swimming skills such as water entry, bubble blowing, front kicking, back floating, underwater exploration and more.

Member Price $25 | Price $35


Mon & Wed OR  Tues & Thurs, 6:00PM – 6:30PM OR Sat 9:45AM – 10:15AM

Kroclets is designed for ages 3-5 years. Our beginner class is an introduction to water safety and acclimates your child to the water. Basic skills are taught like kicking and arm techniques.

Member Price $25 | Price $35


Mon & Wed OR Tues & Thurs, 6:45PM – 7:15PM OR  Sat 10:30AM – 11:00AM

Our advanced class is geared for stroke development. Directional swimming, breathing patterns, and deep-water comfortability are goals that we will help your child meet! Children must be able to swim 5 yards, roll over on back and float for 15 seconds.

Member Price $25 | Price $35


Mon & Wed OR Tue & Thu, 6:00PM – 6:30PM OR Sat 9:45AM – 10:15AM

Introduce inexperienced or fearful children to the water in a fun setting. Krocodiles beginner class offers basic water safety skills while gaining confidence in the water. Learn breath control, independent kicking, floating, gliding, and combined strokes on front and back.

Member Price $25 | Price $35


Mon & Wed OR Tue & Thu, 6:45PM – 7:15PM OR SAT 10:30AM – 11:00AM

Develop confidence, competency and strength in front and back crawl. Strokes learned include elementary backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke and butterfly. Students must be able to swim front crawl 10 yards, backstroke 10 yards and tread water for 1 minute.

Member Price $25 | Price $35

Adult Swim Lessons

Still Krocin’ Beginner

Thus, 10:00AM – 10:45AM OR Fri, 7:30PM – 8:15PM

For ages 16 & up, this class will teach you water safety skills and beginning swimming skills in a more mature environment. Basic instruction includes supported and unsupported floating, kicking on front and back, putting face in water, breathing and basic paddle stroke.

Member Price $30 |Price $45

Still Krocin’ Advanced

Tues, 7:30PM – 8:15PM OR Sat, 8:30AM – 9:15AM

Refinement of front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke and sidestroke. Develop maximum efficiency and endurance for stokes and introduce flip turns. Participants must be able to swim the length of the pool.

Member Price $30 |Price $45



Fri, 6:00PM – 8:00PM & Sat, 11:00AM – 12:00PM | Ages: 15+

This class is a prerequisite for all lifeguarding classes offered at the Kroc Center. All students must pass the pre-test before taking any other lifeguarding courses. All students who pass will receive a “Pass Pre-Test” form that is required before registering for any additional lifeguarding courses. Students must be able to swim 300 yards, tread water for two minutes without using hands and perform a timed brick carry.

Price $10


Mon – Sat,  8:00AM – 3:00PM
Dates: April 2 – 7 & May 29 – June 2

Join our fast track class and become a certified lifeguard in just one week! Learn how to respond to both active and passive rescue drownings, along with how to handle cases that involve neck or spinal injuries. By taking this class you will be both First Aid and CPR/AED certified. Completion of this course results in a two-year American Red Cross Certification.

Member Price $200 |Price $240


Mon, Tues, Thurs  6:00PM – 10:00PM & Sat, 8:00AM – 3:00PM
Dates: April – May

Become a certified lifeguard in just two weeks! Learn how to respond to both active and passive rescue drownings, along with how to handle cases that involve head, neck or spinal injuries. By taking this class you will be both First Aid and CPR/AED certified. Completion of this course results in a two-year American Red Cross Lifeguarding Certification.

Member Price $200 |Price $240


8:00AM – 4:00PM
Dates: May 31 – June 1 (Thurs & Fri)

Are you familiar with all the skills it takes to be a professional lifeguard and are just looking to get your certification renewed? Don’t waste your time enrolling in a basic lifeguard certification class where you go over everything you already know. Instead take our renewal class and get re-certified in no time. Our renewal class will get you up-to-date with any new techniques and refreshed on everyday basic skills.

MemberPrice $120 |Price $160


Mar 5 – Mar 18 (Online) and Mar 19 – Mar 21 (Skills) Mon, Tue, & Wed, 6:00PM – 10:00PM
Apr 9 – Apr 22 (Online) and Apr 23 – Apr 25 (Skills) Mon, Tue, & Wed, 6:00PM – 10:00PM
May 7 – May 20 (Online) and May 21 – May 23 (Skills) Mon, Tue, & Wed, 6:00PM – 10:00PM

Are you needing to get recertified but just can’t find the time? The Kroc Center’s Blended Lifeguarding Class works to make getting recertified even easier! This class allows students to go online and refresh basic already learned lifeguarding skills. Students are required to come to the last three days and perform water skills for the instructor.

Member Price $120 |Price $160


Mar 5 (Online) – Mar 17 (Skills) Sat, 10:30AM-12:00PM
Apr 9 (Online) – Apr 21 (Skills) Sat, 10:30AM-12:00PM

Learn basic CPR and First Aid skills through participating in our Online and in-class trainings. This class will teach you how to handle head, neck and spinal injuries, along with common first aid emergency tactics. Students will also learn how to handle cardiac emergencies and how to operate an automated external defibrillator.

Member Price $40 | Price $60